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Tyrannosaurus Rex

A Man Changed His Name to Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Blake Griffin Face

Chris Paul’s Son Imitating Blake Griffin

Viral Video Alert…This is a great video.  Chris Paul’s son doing an impression of Blake Griffin’s “I want the ball face.”  The only thing I do not understand is why athletes bring their young children to post game press conferences.

Mantis (Blake Want Ball)

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Ever Heard Of A Mirror?

WTF People, Seriously WTF!!!

Mind Blown….Does this woman honestly think she looks good?  People like her deserve to be taken out back and shot.  What is this world coming too?  Each and everyday I become more and more convinced that humanity is doomed.

Mantis (Pro Death Sentence For Snooki)

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Stoners Are Crafty SOBs

The Cabby Is Such A Buzz Killington

Wow….What a world we live in.  This guy must have been stoned.  Why would you try to pay a Cabby when you have 31 plants growing in your apartment?  Some people are just a little stupid.

Mantis (I’d accept the weed)

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Clearly He Is Not Superstitious

The Things One Can Do With Money

Shit Cray….What an idea this man has.  It’s surprising that no one came up with this already.  Clearly, this man knows what he’s doing with money, hence the billionaire status.  Obviously, people will be more than willing to pay whatever outlandish price this cruise ship will charge.

Mantis (I need a to be a Billionaire)

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Well This Is Awkward

Talk about awkward…Clearly this dude is just mad because he wasn’t on the receiving end of the flirtation.

Mantis (Why You Gotta Hate On Her?)

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Easter Sunday…Tebow Style

Tebow The Preacher

Easter Sunday….In honor of Easter Sunday, I was thumbing through the Bible just checking it out, you know a normal Sunday in the life of Mantis.  After doing so for several hours I noticed something.  No mentions of Tim Tebow.  I was like “DAMNNNNNNN SON!”  God must have seen Tim Tebow coming.  Why no mentions of him in the Bible then.  I guess God has some bigger plan.

Mantis (Mantis 4:20)