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Linsanity Helps Amare Greive

It’s been a rough week for Amare Stoudemire. Eight days ago on Feb. 6 Amare lost his brother Hazell Stoudemire in a deadly car accident. The time was fitting for such a catastrophe, New Yorkers were demanding Mike D’Anonti to be fired, Amare trade talks were beginning to emerge and Knicks even began to turn their backs on Carmelo Anthony. But on the same night of the crash Jeremy Lin had his second amazing game in row, leading the Knicks to a victory over the Jazz with 28 points and 8 assists. From there Linsanity has taken off and has helped Amare and his family grieve, “We were watching Linsanity,” Amar’e Stoudemire, smiling brightly, said Monday. “And my family was getting a kick out of it. That’s the only smiles they really had all week.”

Amare returns to the Knicks tonight against the Toronto Raptors. While many New Yorkers fear the return of Carmelo the return of Amare is highly anticipated. It’s been tough to watch Amare struggle without a point guard this season but playing alongside Lin can maximize Amare’s potential for the pick ‘n roll. Linsanity returns tonight, but so does the guy that brought the Knicks back to relevance.

NY Times: After Watching Lin, Knicks’ Stars Are Set to Team With Him



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