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Three Faces of Valentines Day

On every Valentines day you have 3 types of people/relationships. First you have your romantics. These romantics take Valentines Day to the next level. Not only do they go out to an expensive dinner they buy expensive jewelry, chocolates and achieve every cliched tactic with careful precision. These Romantics cannot wait until Valentines Day and they use it to show the world that they are the best boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Then we have our normal, neutral Valentines Dayers. These Average Joes do the basics. Maybe some flowers and a dinner, or some chocolates and a movie. Never both. These couples are usually the ones who “have been there” or they’ve been in the relationship long enough to not give a fuck about a made up holiday. These are my favorite. The Average Joes do what needs to be done, without going above and beyond their funds, or their man or womanhood.

Last we have the Haters. Everyone has to love the Haters because they earn their name. These haters are the first ones to tweet on the morning of Valentines Day. They will say things like “Valentines Day is so stupid,” or “LOL at all the people wasting their money today.” These haters are the same ones who next year, if they are lucky, will turn into the Romantic. They will do it without even knowing because a Hater only hates because they don’t have what their target does. To all the Romantics, Average Joes, and Haters, enjoy today, because there aren’t many days where you get to do what you do, to the best of your ability.


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