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What Ever Happened To Big League Chew?

To all the real men: tell me you don’t remember sitting in the dugout of a little league baseball game grabbin wads of this shit.  I know technically they still sell it, but I’m not driving out to fucking Topeka, Kansas to get it. It used to be everywhere! and you could easily buy it at any little league game.  It was easy to share with teammates and it made the overall dugout experience that much more exciting.  But now it seems Big League Chew is missing in action.  For Christ sake they don’t even sell the bubble tape anymore.  Candy is slowly and slowly becoming shittier.  Even those M+M’s that come in the box appear to seem like a decent amount to munch on, but then you open it and there’s like fucking 15 m&m’s in a smaller plastic bag. Snickers and other various candy bars seem to get smaller in size every single year, the king size is just a bullshit advertisement technique, and what the fuck ever happened to Warheads.  The kids of the new generation are being punished but they wouldn’t know it because they are texting on the phone they got in first grade. What the hell is this world coming to.


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