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Jets Getting Soft?

I have hated on the Jets for years and I will continue doing so. With that being said if theres one thing about the Jets that I do like, it is there tenacity. The Jets have created the image of hard knocks, and from the head coach down they have loved every second of it. To me, that persona and fog of toughness has dissipated and left the Jets in their new accepted role. The little brother of the big city.

The full page ad that the NYJ bought to honor the NYG was a great gesture, but it was a bitch move. The Jets hate the Giants. Jets fans and Giants fans have been quarreling for a long time. As soon as the NYJ are close to capturing the city their big brother steps in and and says, “Not so fast little fellas.” The ad was classy and respectful but it was uncalled for. My advice to the Jets organization: either maintain your image of the rebellious gang ready to scrap for every down, or be grateful that your big brother is doing well for himself.


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