Condoms for Douchebags

If you ever see these in your friends drawer, smack him in the face and tell him I sent you. This is fucking ridiculous. I really don’t care how baller you are, there is no need for a $68 dollar condom. If you use this then you better be smashing a dime piece. After you smash the dime piece, go collect 680 actual dimes so you can go for round 2.

In all seriousness, these condoms were created by Irakli Kiziria (wtf kind of name is that) to launch on World Aids Day and donate the proceeds to The Foundation For AIDS Research. With the amount of douchebags that will buy these condoms, we might just find the cure.


2 comments on “Condoms for Douchebags

  1. Better to buy a bitch a LV condom for $68 dollars than buy a purse for $1000 to get the poon. That shit better be LV leather AND reusable…

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