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Movies To Look Out For: Jeff, Who Lives At Home

What we have here is Jeff, Who Lives At Home starring Jason Segal, Ed Helms, and Susan Sarandon which was written and directed by Jay + Mark Duplass.  It’s an indie-comedy based on Jeff (Segal) who is struggling to find sense and direction in life while still living in his mother’s basement (Sarandon).  Insert Helms, who is more famous for his role on the NBC show The Office as Andy Bernard.  He is taking on a slightly more serious role as the Jeff’s brother fighting to save his failing marriage.  The film seems to be about the true sense of being a family and the unconditional love they can provide when the chips are down.  You can tell instantly from the trailer Helms and Segal bring chemistry.  I love Jason Segal and that natural humor he always seems to bring.  Plus he’s being paired with The Office and Hangover legend in Helms, so I don’t see how this will disappoint.  I can’t wait til it gets released on March 16th



One comment on “Movies To Look Out For: Jeff, Who Lives At Home

  1. My favorite movies are rambo and the last installment of rocky. i have zero taste in movies

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