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Super Bowl Party! Troy Aikman and Erin Andrews? Tim Tebow and Katy Perry?!

(Photo Courtesy of The Daily)

The Daily posted a juicy  story about GQ’s post-Super Bowl Bash. Aside from your run of the mill celeb spottings there seemed to be quite a lot of flirting going on at the event. Mainly between two duos, Troy Aikman and Erin Andrews as well as Tim Tebow and Katy Perry. Here are some tidy quotes from the piece.

“The Dallas Cowboys hall of famer-turned-Fox Sports commentator was locked in a long flirting session with the sexy blond ESPN reporter at GQ’s pre-Super Bowl bash at The Stutz in Indianapolis on Friday night.”

“A party insider confirmed, “The body language suggested there’s an attraction there.”

And then there was this tidbit about Tebow and Katy Perry…

“Perry boosted rumors that her preacher parents are eager to set her up with Denver Broncos golden boy Tim Tebow when she dedicated her suggestive song “Peacock” to him during the concert.”

This must have been a wild a party. Erin Andrews and Troy Aikmen kind of weirds me out but I think a Tim Tebow Katy Perry connection is exactly what America needs. I better be careful what I wish for though.

The Daily: Flirty talk by Aikman and ESPN’s Erin a highlight of celebs’ Super weekend


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