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Madonna’s Halftime Performance Was Quite Gay

And I thought  last years Super Bowl Halftime Show was crazy. But after watching this years…. what the hell? Its funny how the Super Bowl is such a hyper-masculine event yet during the middle of it we broke into probably the gayest performance outside of a Lady Gaga or Elton John concert. Madonna had suggested before the game that she was going to add some gay to this years show and wow, she certainly did. It’s not the fact that it was a so gay that made it such a terrible halftime show, but the fact that I was saying “what the fuck” to myself throughout the thing. The show was god damn everywhere, I couldn’t believe they fit it into 30 minutes. Madonna getting carried in by 40 shirtless guys? Then the awkward duet with LMFAO on top of Ce-lo Green wearing god knows what. Things really got weird when the marching band made an appearance. But then things finally seemed like they could take a turn for the good! Nicki Minaj made a surprise appearance! Finally a relevant pop-culture artist. But no… she hardly sung and the story of her performance was the girl from MIA flipping off the camera. But Wesley Morris of Grantland had this to say about the performance…

“She had come to Indianapolis to feminize, kitsch, and queer the Super Bowl, and by that measure her 12 minutes were a success. Madonna’s genius as an artist has been to remove subtext and eliminate the underground, to put everything out in the open.”

Maybe he’s right. Maybe Madonna made this performance so gay that it wasn’t even gay, just weird chaos. Maybe a queer extravagaza is all the Super Bowl needs.


Grantland: Gay Coding and Madonna’s (Brilliant) Halftime Show


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