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Linsanity: Jeremy Lin Drops 28 And Leads Knicks Past Jazz

Leave it to the Knicks to allow a 23 year-old journeyman point guard to re-energize a dormant team and provide much needed leadership at the point guard position. After scoring 25 points and leading the Knicks to a victory over the NJ Nets on Saturday Jeremy Lin earned himself a spot in the starting lineup against the Utah Jazz last night. With Amare Stoudemire out due to a death in the family and Carmelo Anthony leaving early with a pulled groin the Knicks seemed hopeless. That is, until Jeremy Lin took over scoring 28 points and adding 8 assists while shooting 58% from the field. Finally, playing with a legitimate point guard the Knicks played their best game this season… and it was without Amare and Melo. Lin was aggressive with great court vision and he flat out knows how to play the game of basketball. Mike D’Anotoni said of Lin, “Jeremy kind of settles everything and we can build on that,” D’Antoni said. “He gives us a semblance of a team that can move the ball and get shots.” The Knicks have been waiting for Baron Davis to return from injury to solve their PG problems but it may be Jeremy Lin that is the savior the Garden has been waiting for. The last point guard to put up such big numbers in his first start was Isiah Thomas, who had 31 points and 11 assists in his pro debut.

Lin graduated from Hardvard University and went undrafted in 2010. He was picked up by Golden State, his favorite team growing up, where it was said he earned a “cult following.” From there Lin was released from the Warriors and played for the Reno Big Horns in the D-League until he was picked up by the Houston Rockets. He was eventually dropped in early December and a few days later, after Iman Shumpert hit the IR for a few games, the Knicks picked Lin up. From there he floated between MSG and the D-League Erie Bayhawks. On Jan. 20th Lin went off for the Bayhawks, tallying 28 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists. He was called up three days later and the rest is history.

ESPN New York: Jeremy Lin Show Act II


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