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Music Monday

Monday’s are the worst.

Mondays are the days when your bagel burns in the toaster, when your ear buds get tangled in your pocket, when there is frost on the inside of your car, when you remember about the quiz as its being handed out, when people accidentally sneeze on you, when you use your last skip on Pandora but the next song is even worse—that’s what Mondays are.

Hopefully I can alleviate the horribleness of Mondays with some great music. Stuff that no one can hate; even on Mondays.

Neil Young- Heart Of Gold

Good ol’ Neil

Radiohead- High And Dry

Their most accessible song

The Beatles- Octopuses Garden/ Sun King

Ringo wrote the best cure for the Mondays

Weezer-Island In The Sun

Imagine a better place.


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