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Do I know you from somewhere?

Call it a talent, but for every wildly popular, let’s-all-pretend-he’s-actually-good-looking athlete, I can find you a cartoon doppleganger counterpart. Don’t buy into this theory? Observe:

Tom Coughlin vs. a Gringotts Goblin.

Sorry Tom, a championship ring doesn’t erase the fact that you could guard Lord Voldemort’s vault and no one would question it.

Hope Solo vs. Jafar

Rub Genie’s lantern three times and maybe you’ll win a World Cup. Or maybe you won’t and you’ll cry about it to the media.

Chris Bosh vs. Randall

The raptor is the favorite comparison with Bosh but this one is much more fun. His scare points are Through. The. Roof.

C.C. Sabathia vs. Lots-O

Come on.

Fab Melo vs. The Country Bears

Hand Syracuse’s rising star a banjo, and I wouldn’t know the difference.

More to come! Send us your own athlete-cartoon dopplegangers. 

-The Maid of Honor



About Megan Griffo

Senior #magazine journalism major @NewhouseSU / @SyracuseU. Features editor @JerkMagazine, former @SUDanceTeam captain. In it for the laugh.

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