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(Depressing) Tracks Of The Week

Believe it or not, not all of us here at MantisNseamore are Giants fans. And some of us hate the fact that they are world champions. Some of us would rather have seen 31 other teams win the superbowl. Some of us are going to listen to awfully sad music until they get other the fact that the Giants have won two superbowls in four years and another NFC East team has won zero–ever. For those of you who agree and want to spend a loathsome night sobbing under your covers, I give you five songs to ease the pain.

Although they’ll probably make it worse.

That’s what today is.

Underrated album. One of the best “I’m really sad” bands.

Vedder’s voice is comforting at all times

The kings of melancholia.

And how I really felt when the giants won…


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