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What A Super Bowl Win Means To Brady and Manning

We can’t help but rush to judge a player’s legacy before he even stops playing. Today’s Super Bowl holds great value towards the future legacy of Tom Brady and Eli Manning. Four years ago Eli Manning thwarted an undefeated season for Tom Brady. Had Manning and his Giants lost to Brady’s 18-0 Patriots then Brady would have immediately gone down as the greatest quarterback ever. Four titles on top of an unheralded undefeated season and Brady would have been a God amongst mortals. But instead Manning stole himself a Super Bowl and now sits moments away from earning a second Super Bowl victory. If Eli manages to snag another Title from Brady how will they both be remembered? Will Brady go down as the greatest quarterback who happened to loss a few Super Bowls? Earning more appearances than most of the legends dreamed of. Or do loses at the end of your career get remembered more than winning in the beginning? And for Eli, to beat one of the greatest quarterbacks twice while his older brother (you can’t mention Eli without Peyton) was routinely beaten by him in the playoffs. If the Giants win this game Eli will go down as the greatest Giants quarterback and one of the best late game finishers. With a victory for the Giants Manning will be elevated to a level most never thought he could achieve. Brady on the other hand faces a far greater fall if he losses today than he would rise with a victory. As fans we’re lucky, rarely do we get a Super Bowl that means so much to two players.


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