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The Power of Chowder: Manhattan vs. New England

The Boston New York sports rivalry has increased largely within the past 10 years. With the recent relevance of the Jets and the dominance of the Patriots these two cities have never hated each other more. Factor in the recent success of the Celtics and the wanna-be Knicks starting to turn things around and we’ve got three different sports for these two cities to rip it each others hearts out. You may think the hatred started between the Red Sox and Yankees but it all comes down to nothing more than Clam Chowder. Throughout sports history New York always dominated Boston teams but what always made Bostonians feel better was that they had better Clam Chowder, I mean let’s be honest, who actually gets Manhattan Chowder? But now that the Patriots have been kicking the Jets ass and the Celtics routinely embarrass the Knicks the whole world is being turned upside down. The NFC Giants have beef with the Patriots and they’re not even in the same conference. These two cities dominate in all the sports and even dominate the Chowder world. But the real question is… does the better soup make the Souper Bowl team?


About timboslice

Junior Sports Media Major @ Ithaca College

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