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Rap Is Losing Ground

Rap….The world of rap is changing rapidly.  No more is it a East Coast West Coast battle between two powerhouses the likes of which will never be seen again.  It is now about the big rap labels and whatever crap they want to dump money on.  Nicki Minaj and Drake are two of the more popular artists out there.  Lil Wayne has not come out with anything worth listening to in at least two years.  Dr. Dre is all about the behind the scenes.  Eminem is no longer on drugs and he has let out all the anger I think possible for a man.  Wiz Khalifa can only rap about weed for so long.  Kanye is one of the most psychotically delusional individuals to inhabit this planet.  Yes Kanye George Bush hates black people, ignorant black men like you.  Do not get me wrong I still love listening to a “nigga” spit it and tear shit up.  However, the music scene is changing.  As life progresses you will begin to hear and see more and more dubstep/electronic whatever the fuck you want to call it.  You may hate it now but trust me it will grow on you.  If you really don’t see what it’s all about go see the man Lorin Ashton put on a show and trust me your perspective will change.

Mantis (Pink Elephants Run My Life)


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