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Joakim Noah Validates The Overpaid Contract Myth

How many times have we seen a player work his ass off, impress everyone, become a fan favorite, get the big payday he rightfully earned… and then start sucking. The most notable to pull this off have probably been Eddy Curry, Rashard Lewis, and Albert Haynesworth but you can add someone knew to this list, Joakim Noah. After signing a $60 million five-year extension with the Chicago Bulls Noah has been less than stellar this season.

“Yeah, no question, I thought about that,” Noah said. “Sometimes you feel like because you’re given so much money you’re expected to do things. That’s not the right mentality to have as a player.”

“I know I worked so hard in the offseason,” Noah said. “It wasn’t a question of being out of shape. I might be in a little better game shape now. But I came to camp in great shape.”

After hearing about what Noah said I thought to myself, The dude probably went to his dealer and bought as much Bud as he had. But that’s not the case with Noah who didn’t sign his deal and then went to his local strip club to make it rain. It was actually the of earning that much money that messed with his head and how he approached the game. For someone like JaMarcus Russell though, I don’t think it was the pressure that his issue.

Chicago Tribune: Noah: $60 million deal hurt my game


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