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Brandon Jacobs: Plaxico Burress Back To NYG?

Brandon Jacobs and Plexico Burress celebrate after scoring a touchdown in 2007

In the midst of tuesday’s Superbowl media day Brandon Jacobs gave some insight into the Giants-Burress mutual feelings for each other, saying that Burress wanted to sign with the Giants after coming out of prison this past summer and could  possibly end up with the Giants next season. Granted, Brandon Jacobs’ contract is up after this season and could be playing his last game for the Giants this Sunday but there’s still plenty of New York love to go around.

“Oh, no question, I know he did. I know he wanted to come to the Giants. We just didn’t think it was going to be able to be done financially. But he may be (back) next year, who knows?”

Plaxico Burress and Eli Manning, as well as all Giants fans, appreciate the connection and accomplishments that Eli and Plax had during their three seasons together. Every Giants fan believes they would have repeated as Superbowl champs the next year  if Plax didn’t go ahead and shoot himself in the leg. They were 14-2 and earned home field advantage throughout the playoffs before eventually losing to the Dallas Cowboys in the divisional playoffs. Jacobs went on to say, “I don’t see him back with the Jets next year at all. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but I don’t see that. They’ve got a lot of things going on over there, and I don’t know if he wants to be part of that.”

Plax was underused this past season with the Jets and would be a much needed end zone target for Eli. The Giants seem to be doing well this year without him as they prepare for Superbowl Sunday but man, were there times this season that the Giants badly needed him. If Plax were to suit up for the Giants next season one thing is for sure, he’d be receive a warm welcome back from Giants Fans.

ESPN: Bradon Jacobs Doesn’t Think Plaxico Burress Will Return To NYJ


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