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Superbowl Time

If you don’t already know, I’m a diehard New York Giants fan. The time is finally here for the ultimate showdown against the New England Patriots.  I honestly am not crazy about all the support the Giants are getting since I’ve personally always been under the impression we thrive most when considered underdogs, even though the Patriots are SOMEHOW favorites.  But then I’m reminded we have a rock at the quarterback position in Eli Manning, who is famous for not showing any aggressive emotion and delivers at the most critical points in the football game.

I know every single sports analyst has said the best match up is whether or not the Giants daunted pass rush can get to Tom Brady, but as a Giants fan I am more concerned about how our linebackers go about covering the middle of the field, especially the space between them and safeties.  Brady loves to throw the seam route to his tight ends, especially Gronk, so it will be interesting to see if the Giants have what it takes to make sure the middle of the field is locked down.  Like I said I’m very comfortable with Eli reading the Patriots defense and taking advantage of when Julian Edelman (converted nickel corner, former WR) is covering either Victor Cruz or Mario Manningham, depending on whose playing the slot in the three man sets.  I expect the patriots to switch around their defense constantly, so I expect to see Cruz getting double coverage which will allow Hakeem Nicks or Manningham to hopefully break a big play.

What I personally am anxious to see is the RB tandem of Jacobs and Bradshaw.  It’s just common football knowledge that to win a football game, you have to keep the running game constant, even if it’s not totally there and that’s what the Giants have done all year.  But Bradshaw has had two weeks for that cracked foot to get a little more healthy so I expect a fresh Bradshaw on the field, and to me that will be the deciding factor.  If the Giants can run the ball effectively, then they’ll slowly keep the ball out of Brady’s hands, and that’s a solid formula for winning against the pats.

I’m confident in the secondary, and I really do think the combination of Mathias, JPP, Osi, & Justin Tuck will eventually wear down the Patriots offensive line, and along with our running game, will be a main contributing factor against the Pats, but that’s no secret.  Also I can’t forget our inside guys like Rocky Bernard and Chris Canty, who are great inside but lose the headlines to our passrushers.  Like I said, I’m looking forward to the LB play against those famous passes Brady loves to throw in the middle of the field, and if we can run, pass rush, and cover the middle then I’m looking at a Giants victory.  The Giants have been talking mighty heavily about getting into the Patriots head, but at the end of the day I’m sticking Coach Tom Coughlin’s old adage: Talk Is Cheap, Play The Game. Should be another classic folks.


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