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An Explanation of The King

The King

Deadspin posted a segment from Bethlehem Shoals article “Bron Bron’s Burden.” It’s an interesting take on why Lebron James is served a hefty portion of haterade every time something goes wrong with the Miami Heat. Lately Lebron has once again been accused of shrinking in the 4th quarter, while everyone is raving about how great D-Wade is in clutch time. To be honest, neither of these guys have the Kobe and MJ killer instinct that gets you 5-6 rings and countless buzzer beating highlights. But hey, maybe a couple of Lebron’s 4th quarter shots will start dropping and we can all anoint him the greatest basketball player ever… until the next time he shrinks in the 4th quarter.

“As James put his finishing touches on another disastrous performance, I took to Twitter-where good people meet to rationally debate and summarize important topics of the day-with a simple question: if LeBron James isn’t the best player in the NBA, who is? Any query or assertion with ‘best’ in it means very little, since it can almost always be replaced with more precise language. In LeBron’s case, though, this kind of bland, overarching distinction is apt. It may tell us that LeBron’s gifts are quite often meaningless. Or it points to exactly what it is we expect of LeBron James: complete and total perfection, a standard no other athlete is held to. Other superstars are more specialized-that is, defined in terms of what they do well on the basketball court. Dwight Howard envelops the interior, Chris Paul reconstitutes a possession’s logic off the slightest bum cue. LeBron is a completist, a 30-7-7 superman who can feasibly do work at every position on the floor. I’m not here to defend LeBron’s shortcomings, or suggest he has none. James lacks intangibles; his ego remains unsteady and awkward; his jumper ain’t pretty; his late-game disappearances are either bad luck or a sign of deeper unrest. The fact remains, though, that LeBron James isn’t judged according to any particular function of set of responsibilities. A good game for LeBron is one where he takes over so thoroughly and so completely that basketball seems too small for him. ”

The Classical: Bron Bron’s Burden


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