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i don’t like texting you first, it feels like im bothering you


complaining about something never fixes the problem


not a single person has EVER overdosed on marijuana.


Cussing doesn’t make you cute


that dress you’re wearing is actually a shirt

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30 for 30

Bill Simmons Grantland

Pete Rose….Great baseball player.  Man of terribly unfortunate circumstances.  Hey it aint cheating until you get caught.  Unfortunately for Pete, he got caught.  I think the ban should be lifted.  However, I do not work for the MLB.

Mantis (Everyone Does Deserve a Second Chance)

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The Power of Christ Compels You

Whoever Came Up With This Idea Needs a Promotion

Tim Tebow….Will the countries fascination with this man ever end?  I think not.  These shirts will certainly sell, hell I’m about to order one.  The lawyers also have no case in this.  They just gave the company a shit ton of publicity.

Mantis (Tebow > Jesus…..yeah I am going to hell anyway)

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People These Days

Who Comes Up With This?

Trayvon Martin….I am not here to discuss the shooting, or the guilt or innocence of the shooter.  What I am here to discuss is the target.  Who would use such an idea for monetary gain.  There really are some messed up people in this world.

Mantis (We are all going to hell)

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Let’s a plane land.


Takes a shower.


“Goes Ham” we go HALAL!!!


has pork on their fork.


has any beer apart from Takbeer!

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Anyone Suprised?

Snooki Snooki Snooki

Easy Target….To say the least.  Most of this bullying you receive is most likely brought upon yourself.  You got famous for being a drunken whore, literally.  How are people not going to make fun of you.  Ps this marriage of yours will last about as long as Kim Kardashian’s.

Mantis (Fist Pump All Day)

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Give up Jack Daniels

Give you my food so don’t ask for it

text you first

Tat yo name on me, cause you think that’s coo cause @Drake said it.

share my underwear witchu idc if u a cousin friend sister etc. u better wash ur own or turn em inside out lmao

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Tyrannosaurus Rex

A Man Changed His Name to Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Blake Griffin Face

Chris Paul’s Son Imitating Blake Griffin

Viral Video Alert…This is a great video.  Chris Paul’s son doing an impression of Blake Griffin’s “I want the ball face.”  The only thing I do not understand is why athletes bring their young children to post game press conferences.

Mantis (Blake Want Ball)

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Ever Heard Of A Mirror?

WTF People, Seriously WTF!!!

Mind Blown….Does this woman honestly think she looks good?  People like her deserve to be taken out back and shot.  What is this world coming too?  Each and everyday I become more and more convinced that humanity is doomed.

Mantis (Pro Death Sentence For Snooki)